Rich Schott
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Rich Schott "If you want to work the rest of your life that’s your business, if you don’t that’s my business."

All Journeys Begin With A Dream

My dream began as a child and I knew early on that I didn’t want to spend my life working for someone else. I watched my parents struggle, living paycheck to paycheck and never getting ahead. I didn’t want to go down the same path. I wanted to choose my own destiny. And they always encouraged me to follow my dreams.

In 1993, I came across an AOL Version 1.0 disk in a magazine. Fascinated by Internet technology, I bought a computer just to play the disk. I was convinced that the Internet would be an innovative way to market any business. I started using e-mail to contact businesses and began making sales from the comfort of home. As I flourished in the online environment, other businesses noticed and began calling. They wanted me to do for them what I was doing for myself. That’s when I first recognized the Internet’s potential to market Internet services through a home-based business.

Meanwhile, I became zealous about the Internet, predicting it would revolutionize the way people communicate. I knew the Internet was a growing market, but I didn’t have a clue how powerful it would be or that it would someday change nearly every aspect of our lives.